Comprehensive introduction to the most popular version control system

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What are version control systems

Why are version control systems required

How to build a DZ60 mechanical keyboard

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  1. Add a max-height with css transition — since that transition…

ES6 spread operator

MySQL in Docker

docker run -p <host_machine_port>:3306 --name <container_name> -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=<root_password> -e MYSQL_DATABASE=<db_name> -d…


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ANSI Layout

ISO Layout

Equipment required

  1. Arduino
  2. Breadboards, jumper wires, etc
  3. Attiny85
  4. 10uF Capacitor
  5. Optional: PCBs, Soldering kit, Pin headers, IC socket


const { var1, var2 }: { var1: type1, var2: type2 } = object;

Example of website that uses HTTPS

The truth is that even if a website is on HTTPS, it may not be trust worthy.

Async Await

Siddharth S

Javascripting for a living

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